沟槽管件接头卡箍的结构是什么What is the structure of the clamps for the groove pipe fittings


In the pipe groove connection, the structure of the hoop of the pipe joint is the clamp, the rubber seal and the fastener (bolt and nut), which consists of a rigid joint, a flexible joint and a branch pipe joint. The components should be supplied by the production plant.
Ductile iron, cast steel (carbon steel or stainless steel) or cast steel should be used for the clamps of grooved pipe fittings.
The rubber sealing ring material of the hoop joint should be determined according to the nature and temperature of the medium. Natural gas, synthetic rubber or silicone rubber can be used for transporting drinking water. Synthetic rubber should be used for pipelines conveying oil and chemicals.
Using our company's groove pipe fittings, it can be used for galvanized steel pipe, welded pipe, galvanized seamless steel pipe, seamless steel tube, stainless steel pipe, coating and lining plastic pipe, copper pipe and so on.